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36 Elwyndene Road, March, PE15 9BL

Tel: 01354 652302, Mob: 07769 621620


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OO Scale Benches - Pack of 2

 Item Code Y287 - £2.00

OO Scale Benches - Pack of 2

Item Code B1 - £2.00

50 x OO/HO Gauge Figures - Item Code HOFig50 - £5.00 (may vary slightly from photo)

Pack of 12 Seated Figures (HO/OO Scale) Item Code SF  - £3.75

Large Tractor Tyre with earth and flowers (colours may vary) - £1.50

Barrow with earth & flowers. Optional wheels included. 2.3cm x 1.4cm. £1.50

2 Large Flowerboxes with flowers 3.5 x 1.5 cm (Item Code FB4) - £3.00 (Colours may vary)

 Square raised brick flowerbed with earth and flowers (Item Code Sqfb) - £2.50 (Colours may vary) 3.4cm x 3.4cm x 0.5cm

 6 Flowerpots (pot 0.8cm high) - Item Code OOFPS - £4.50 (colours may vary)

 6 Flowerpots (pot 0.4cm high) - Item Code FPSN - £3.50 (colours may vary)

 6 Terracotta Flowerpots with earth and flowers (height  of pot 0.4cm). Item Code TFPS - £3.75

6 Terracotta Flowerpots with earth and flowers (height of pot 1cm). £4.75. Item Code TFP

 Rectangular Raised Brick Effect Flowerbed (5 x 3 x 0.75 cm) Item Colours may vary. (Item Code RectFB) - £3.50

 Round Raised Brick Effect Flowerbed  5 cm diameter - Item Code RndFB  - £3.50

 OO Scale 3 x Flowering Shrubs (colours may vary) - approx 2.5cm high - £1.00

OO Gauge Plastic Cars (no moving parts) - Pack of 10 (colours may vary) £5.00

 Javis OO Scale Flexible Hedging  £2.00

 Javis Coal  £2.00

 Fencing Kit - approx 1 yard - £8.50. Can be painted to desired effect.

Don’t forget to visit our other OO Scale pages for more lighting, illuminated accessories and scenics.


36 Elwyndene Road,March, Cambs PE15 9BL. Tel: 01354 652302, Mob: 07769 621620, Email:

HO/OO Scale Farm Animals £3.75

Gate and posts with lights fitted - 12 volt DC LEDs, . £8.50.

Posts with lights fitted to use with your own gates  - 3 volt LEDs, resistors included for 12v supply. £6.50

War Memorial with plaque & wreath - £5.99

Pub sign with flower trough and working lamppost 12vDC - £8.50. Pack of 3 different signs supplied which can be pasted over the sign included.

Pub sign with flower trough and bench with figure  - £6.99. Pack of 3 different signs supplied which can be pasted over the sign included.

Garden/Pub Accessories - 2 tables with tablecloths,    4 benches, 1 umbrella - £3.99

Garden table and 4 chairs. £3.50

War Memorial with plaque, wreath and LED light fitted. £7.50

Flowerbed with LED Lamppost - £6.50

Station Steps (unpainted) - £2.50 7cm x 2.5cm

Half a metre of 1 inch high mesh, ideal for fencing. £2.50

Use matchsticks or similar for posts.

(Picture courtesy of Brian Irwin, thank you)

 Javis OO Scale Flexible Walling  £2.00

Ornamental Flowerbed - £3.50

4.75cm diameter

 2 x  painted gateposts with our warm white LED lights fitted. (12 volt LEDs resistors fitted). £7.50.

Gate and posts with lights fitted. 12v DC - £10.00

Pack of 3 vending machines - £4.50

Also available lit - see OO Illuminated Section

OO Scale Sun loungers - Pack of 2


 OO Scale driveway gates. 7 cm x 3cm - £1.00

Roundabout with 4  bollards. 7cm diameter.   £19.99

Colours may vary.

OO Scale traffic island. 5.5cm x 1.5cm


2 metres of barbed wire - £1.50

Garden/Pub Umbrella - Pack of 2 - £1.00

Tacky Wax is used for positioning figures. It is not a glue but a sticky wax solution. This means that you do not need to glue your figures down, you can move them around without the damaging effects of using traditional glue.  £4.65