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36 Elwyndene Road, March, PE15 9BL

Tel: 01354 652302, Mob: 07769 621620


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OO Scale Benches - Pack of 2

 Item Code Y287 - £2.00

OO Scale Benches - Pack of 2

Item Code B1 - £2.00

50 x OO/HO Gauge Figures - Item Code HOFig50 - £5.00 (may vary slightly from photo)

Pack of 12 Seated Figures (HO/OO Scale) Item Code SF  - £3.75

Large Tractor Tyre with earth and flowers (colours may vary) - £1.50

Barrow with earth & flowers. Optional wheels included. 2.3cm x 1.4cm. £1.50

2 Large Flowerboxes with flowers 3.5 x 1.5 cm (Item Code FB4) - £3.00 (Colours may vary)

 Square raised brick flowerbed with earth and flowers (Item Code Sqfb) - £2.50 (Colours may vary) 3.4cm x 3.4cm x 0.5cm

 6 Flowerpots (pot 0.8cm high) - Item Code OOFPS - £4.50 (colours may vary)

 6 Flowerpots (pot 0.4cm high) - Item Code FPSN - £3.50 (colours may vary)

 6 Terracotta Flowerpots with earth and flowers (height  of pot 0.4cm). Item Code TFPS - £3.75

6 Terracotta Flowerpots with earth and flowers (height of pot 1cm). £4.75. Item Code TFP

 Rectangular Raised Brick Effect Flowerbed (5 x 3 x 0.75 cm) Item Colours may vary. (Item Code RectFB) - £3.50

 Round Raised Brick Effect Flowerbed  5 cm diameter - Item Code RndFB  - £3.50

 OO Scale 3 x Flowering Shrubs (colours may vary) - approx 2.5cm high - £1.00

OO Gauge Plastic Cars (no moving parts) - Pack of 10 (colours may vary) £5.00

 Javis OO Scale Flexible Hedging  £2.00

 Javis Coal  £2.00

 Fencing Kit - approx 1 yard - £8.50. Can be painted to desired effect.

Don’t forget to visit our other OO Scale pages for more lighting, illuminated accessories and scenics.


36 Elwyndene Road,March, Cambs PE15 9BL. Tel: 01354 652302, Mob: 07769 621620, Email:

HO/OO Scale Farm Animals £3.75

Gate and posts with lights fitted - 12 volt DC LEDs, . £8.50.

Posts with lights fitted to use with your own gates  - 3 volt LEDs, resistors included for 12v supply. £6.50

War Memorial with plaque & wreath - £5.99

Pub sign with flower trough and working lamppost 12vDC - £8.50. Pack of 3 different signs supplied which can be pasted over the sign included.

Pub sign with flower trough and bench with figure  - £6.99. Pack of 3 different signs supplied which can be pasted over the sign included.

Garden/Pub Accessories - 2 tables with tablecloths,    4 benches, 1 umbrella - £3.99

Garden table and 4 chairs. £3.50

War Memorial with plaque, wreath and LED light fitted. £7.50

Flowerbed with LED Lamppost - £6.50

Station Steps (unpainted) - £2.50 7cm x 2.5cm

Half a metre of 1 inch high mesh, ideal for fencing. £2.50

Use matchsticks or similar for posts.

(Picture courtesy of Brian Irwin, thank you)

 Javis OO Scale Flexible Walling  £2.00

Ornamental Flowerbed - £3.50

4.75cm diameter

 2 x  painted gateposts with our warm white LED lights fitted. (12 volt LEDs resistors fitted). £7.50.

Gate and posts with lights fitted. 12v DC - £10.00

OO Scale Sun loungers - Pack of 2


 OO Scale driveway gates. 7 cm x 3cm - £1.00

Roundabout with 4  bollards. 7cm diameter.   £19.99

Colours may vary.

OO Scale traffic island. 5.5cm x 1.5cm


2 metres of barbed wire - £1.50

Garden/Pub Umbrella - Pack of 2 - £1.00

Tacky Wax is used for positioning figures. It is not a glue but a sticky wax solution. This means that you do not need to glue your figures down, you can move them around without the damaging effects of using traditional glue.  £4.75

Deluxe Materials Perfect Plastic Putty is a one-part, fast-drying, superfine filler with water clean up. It has good adhesion and sanding properties on plastic and is easily used, even in awkward areas. Dries quickly without cracks to an ultra smooth finish. Fills deep cavities & takes paint easily, has little odour


Deluxe Materials Roket Card Glue.

 For fast assembly of card models. Also bonds Balsa wood, paper card to most plastics. Use sparingly, press parts together.


 Deluxe Materials new formula Plastic Magic is a liquid solvent glue that produces invisible glue lines . The new safer formula can be applied with the Deluxe Materials Pin flow solvent glue applicator or conventionally with a fine paint brush. Plastic Magic bonds nearly all commonly used modelling plastics including polyester, styrene, ABS, PVC, butyrate, and Polycarbonate. 50 ml bottle.


UHU  All purpose adhesive 35ml


Flower trough with yellow flowers £1.50