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36 Elwyndene Road, March, PE15 9BL

Tel: 01354 652302, Mob: 07769 621620


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Pack of 20 N Scale Figures - £3.00


2 x N Gauge Benches - Item Code Y150 - £2.00

Pack of 6 N Gauge flowerpots (pot 0.4cm high) suitable for parks or town centres etc. £3.50

N Gauge Cars - Pack of 10 (colours may vary) - £4.00

 Javis N Scale Flexible Hedging  £1.75

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36 Elwyndene Road,March, Cambs PE15 9BL. Tel: 01354 652302, Mob: 07769 621620, Email:

 N Scale Fencing approx 0.5 metre in length

 1.5cm high - £5.00

 Javis N Scale Flexible Walling  £1.75

 Round Flowerbed (3cm diameter) - Colours may vary - £2.50

 Round Flowerbed with working Lamppost - 12v DC. (3cm diameter) - Colours may vary - £6.50

Garden/Pub Umbrellas Pack of 2 - £1.00

 6 Terracotta Flowerpots with  flowers (height  of pot 0.4cm).Item Code TFPS - £3.75

Gaugemaster N Scale Track Joiners - £2.50

 N Scale Driveway Gates 4cm x 1.5m


 N Scale painted pig hut

2.3cm x 2 cm x 1cm


 N Scale unpainted pig hut

2.3cm x 2 cm x 1cm


 N Scale Wheelie Bins

Pack of 2 - £1.50

 Pack of 6 N Scale barrels


N Scale Dog Kennel  


Pack of 4 x N Scale Oil Drums  


 N Scale Shed with door open

2cm x 1.45cm £2.50

N Scale Pack of Crates  Unpainted


N Scale Pallets - Pack of 4


N Scale Sacks on Pallets