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36 Elwyndene Road, March, PE15 9BL

Tel: 01354 652302, Mob: 07769 621620


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12 volt Grain of Wheat Bulbs - Clear

 30p each

12 volt Grain of Wheat Bulbs - Red

 30p each

12 volt Grain of Wheat Bulbs - Green

 30p each

12 volt Grain of Wheat Bulbs - Amber

 30p each

 38 SWG Enamelled Copper Wire

 1 metre - 75p

Copper Track, 6mm Wide Self-adhesive Backing, useful for Making Up Simple Electrical and Electronic Circuits. 4 metre Roll - £3.50.  

Copper Track, 5mm Wide Self-adhesive Backing, useful for Making Up Simple Electrical and Electronic Circuits. 33 metre roll - £12.99

Terminal Block, 12 Poles, 8mm Pitch, 3A Current Rating, 380V Voltage Rating,  12-way which may be easily sub-divided. £1.00 each.

Pluggable Terminal Strip - 8mm 12 Way Male+female Term Strip 6a. £4.99 each.

Strip Board, Simple Form of Printed Circuit,  95mm Length, 64mm Width - £2.50

Pack of 10 ½ W 1K5 carbon film resistors for LEDs - £1.00


36 Elwyndene Road,March, Cambs PE15 9BL. Tel: 01354 652302, Mob: 07769 621620, Email:

 Female Crimp Connectors 2.8mm 22-16 AWG - Pack of 10 - £1.00

 Pack of 5  vertical battery holders for CR2032 3 volt batteries. £2.50

 Pack of 5  CR2032 3 volt batteries


Silverline Battery-Powered Soldering Iron 8W. Suitable for intricate electronic work and on-the-go repairs. Fine soldering tip heats up in less than 15 seconds and cools down in less than 30 seconds. Slider switch prevents accidental activation when not in use. Quality batteries provide about 1 hour of continuous use. Iron-plated long-life tip, easily replaced by unscrewing the tip holder. Small and compact for easy portability. Includes safety cap and solder. Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included). £8.99

 Crocodile Clip Leads


 Pack of 5  CR1220 battery holders £2.50

 Pack of 3 Screwless Wire Connectors - £1.00

 Pack of 5  CR1220 3 volt batteries


 4 x AA Battery Holder with cover and on/off switch giving a 6 volt power source - £1.75

9 Volt battery clip - 50p

Multistrand Decoder Wire sold in 3 metre lengths at £1.00, 9 colours.

Decoder Wire:

Multistrand Equipment Wire 7/0.2mm sold in 10 metre lengths at £1.50

7/0.2mm Equipment Wire:

 Make 5 of these 3V Coin Cell Holders with Switch for use with 3V LEDs with this kit.  Kit includes 5 x CR 2032 Flat battery holders, 5 x CR2032 Coin cell Batteries, 5 x 1.5amp in line switches, 2 meters of Red wire, 2 meters of Black , wire, 5 x heat shrink).The outside pin on the battery holder is positive where you connect to red wire. The black wire connects to the pin in the centre. The inline switch fits to either wire.  £10.00

 Heatshrink 1.6mm x 1.2 metres - Red

Shrink ratio 2:1  -  £1.00

 Heatshrink 1.6mm x 1.2 metres - Black

Shrink ratio 2:1  -  £1.00

 Heatshrink 2.4mm x 1.2 metres - Red

Shrink ratio 2:1  -  £1.00

 Heatshrink 2.4mm x 1.2 metres - Black

Shrink ratio 2:1  -  £1.00

 Micro Miniature  1.25 mm 2 pin Plug & Socket prewired. £1.00 each.   Wires are 10cm .

Latching Reed Switch 43mm long - £3.00

A magnet will switch this on and off.

Magnet 8mm dia x 2mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnet 1kg pull.  50p

Encapsulated Normally Open Reed Switch. Designed to detect trains which have been fitted with magnets to their undersides, these are ideal for block occupancy detection and other triggering requirements.  £2.50

 Micro Miniature  1.25 mm 3 pin Plug & Socket prewired. £1.50 each.   Wires are 10cm .

 Micro Miniature  1.25 mm 4 pin Plug & Socket prewired. £1.50 each.   Wires are 10cm .

 2 x AAA Battery Holder with cover and on/off switch giving a 3 volt power source- £1.75

DC Power Distribution Board. There is a set of Input Terminals and a set of extension terminals for the next Distribution Board. The output consists of 18 Positive terminals and 18 negative terminals. The board has a Power ON indicator, & 6 fixing positions (M3). Each board has a position to record the voltage, and the board No. The boards can be used for any voltage up to 230vAC, and up to 15 Amps per Input terminal.  

Length: 106mm

Width; 40mm

Height: 12mm

Price - £12.00

 Micro Miniature 2 pin plug and socket prewired with fine wires

£1.00 each

Normally Open Reed Switch


SWITCHABLE DISTRIBUTION BOARD. The Input is via a 2.5mm DC socket or screw terminal block and can be any DC voltage up to 48v or a DCC voltage. There is a Main ON/OFF switch behind the Input terminal Block which isolates both the Positive and Negative Input feeds. The Input then passes through a 5 Amp fuse to feed the outputs and light the 'ON' LED. The ON Led is Tricolour so will indicate that the input is +- DC (Green), if connected the wrong way around -+ (Red) or DCC (Orange). This LED is after the fuse so will go out if the fuse blows.

The board has 6 individually switched outputs, each output can accept a load of up to 3 Amps and has an ON LED indicator.

Each Output has an ON/OFF switch which isolates both the Positive & Negative lines or in the case of DCC both lines. The LED is Green for ON or not illuminated for OFF.

The output at the far right of the board is a switched output directly from the main switch.

The Board has 4 fixing holes of 4mm so will accept screws or plastic PCB pillars.

This Distribution Board can be used for controlling individual lighting circuits on your layout, or controlling power to sections of the layout.

Board Dimensions:

Length:120mm x Width: 32mm x Height: 26mm

Price: £18.50

6 x 3way Screw Terminal Junction Board

This is an 18 way terminal block which can be broken down into multiples of 3.

Each 3 way section has 3 IN screw terminals, and 3 OUT terminals. The terminals and the board are rated at 10 Amps, so will take wires from lighting circuits that draw very little current to points via a CDU which draw large amounts of current.

They can be used as a bank of 18 ways or snapped off so you have a 3 way terminal for point motors or signals, and so on

There are 4 fixing holes for each 3 way section.  Price:  £4.50

 6 Way DIN Plug & Chassis Socket


 5 Way DIN Plug & Chassis Socket


 DC Female Power Connector Jack Plug

5.5mm x 2.1mm Female power plug connector.

Dimension: 38mm(L) x 14mm(W) x 13mm(H)

Price:  £1.50

 2 Way 10A Terminal Block 3.5mm

Price:  50p each

 1A 50V Silicon Rectifier Diode

Pack of 10 - £1.00

 Pack of 5 Miniature 2 pin Plugs & Sockets. £2.50.


 Pack of 5 Miniature 3 pin Plugs & Sockets. £2.50.

 2.54mm pitch = £2.50

 Pack of 5 Miniature 4 pin Plugs & Sockets. £2.50.

 2.54mm pitch = £2.50

 9 volt PP3 Battery Holder with on / off switch

£2.50.  Suitable for the 12v LEDs, or the 12v LED strips if you don’t want to use a 12v  DC power supply.

 Twin sided tag strip, brown paxolin, with nickel plated tags. Consists of 28 tags with an eyelet either side of the board.

Measures 194mm (length) x 4mm (height) x 17mm (width) Paxolin 1.8mm

Tag hole centres 6.5mm apart. Fixing hole centres 184mm apart.


 Red 7/0.05 Stranded Ultra slim cable Dia. 0.28mm 0.011" Wires

2 metres - £1.00

 Black 7/0.05 Stranded Ultra slim cable Dia. 0.28mm 0.011" Wires

2 metres - £1.00

 Pair of  Miniature Crocodile Clips - £

 DC Male Power Connector Jack Plug

Size: L5.0cm x W1.4cm x H1.2cm

Dimension: 39mm(L) x 14mm(W) x 13mm(H)

Price:  £1.50

 Hornby Pin Terminals

Pack of 5 - £2.50

Mini Digital Voltmeter Ammeter

Working voltage of Meter itself:DC 4 - 30V

    Working current of Meter itself:≤20mA

    Voltage Measuring range: DC 0 - 100V

    Current Measuring range: DC 0 - 10A

    Voltage resolution (V): 0.1V

    Current resolution (A): 0.01A

    Measure accuracy: 1% (± 1 digit)

    Display: 0.28" digital tube, Two color blue and red

    Refresh rate: about 300mS / times


    Operation Temp: -10°-+65°


Voltmeter DC 0 - 100V

Working current: < 20 ma

Display: 0.28 "LED

Dimensions: 30 * 11.7 * 11.7 mm


Voltmeter DC 4.7 ~ 32V

Two-wire Measurement range: DC 4.5~30V

Working Current:< 23mA

Minimum input voltage: DC 4.5V (Lower than 4.7V, the brightness will be weakened, but this will not affect the accuracy of measurement)

Maxmum input voltage: DC 30V

Size: 21.5 x 13 x 8mm (L*W*H)


 4mm Banana Plug & Socket - Black


4mm Banana Plug & Socket - Red